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"Your Bill Already Printed"--How NOT to Take the Best Care of a Customer

Recently, I experienced terrible customer service. It only cost me $20, but it was the realization that I didn't matter one bit as a customer that bothered me.

My internet bill suddenly went up by 20 bucks, and I was told that there was nothing they could do because "it printed out of contract."

Now, I'm no genius, but I believe that with today's technology, there was a simple fix called, "Take care of the valuable customer!"

No apology for the surprise; instead, "It was on your bill"--as if busy customers take time to read all 6 pages of their bill!

No "Thank you for being a 5-year, faithfully-paying customer." Instead, "My manager will tell you the same; there's nothing we can do."

Excellent customer service does not come with a script. It's a daily priority to value, take care of, retain and grow loyal, engaged customers. That didn't happen to me, as it does not happen to many people every day.

Resolve to be that company, that leader, that team member that always communicates how valuable your customers are, especially with unpleasant surprises. Show them you care!

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