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Why We Stay: Is It Pay?

My kids like to read about a cat with a hat, So in honor of them today’s post is written like that!

When top team members decided to go, Interested people wanted to know. So CareerBuilder launched a study that showed, It wasn’t money that those people were owed.

The one thing they said that saddened the most, Was the people of whom the leaders would boast.

When great ideas came to life and succeeded, Recognition for the creator was needed.

Leaders who chose to value their group Made sure top management was kept in the loop.

When you call out people for they great work they provide It makes it easy for them to always decide

To stay on the team that rewards their hard work Instead of chasing a paycheck that comes from a j-rk!

Be the leader who gives credit where credit is due And your people will happily choose to work next to you!

After all, there are some cool things that money can’t buy, A company that’s proud of you? That’s what keeps us, that’s why!

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