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The Golden Rule vs. The Platinum Rule: Which one is correct?

Both approaches are widely taught for providing excellent customer service. 'Treat others as you would like to be treated' or 'Treat others as they would like to be treated.' There is a strong trend to do away with the Golden Rule, the idea that the Platinum Rule is superior. But is the Golden Rule no longer valuable? Which one is correct?

Both are!

The Golden Rule begins with placing yourself in the other person's shoes as best you can--empathy. Every first encounter has to start with kindness, patience and empathy. But that should not be where it stops.

If building long-term, win-win relationships is your goal, then The Golden Rule should become The Platinum Rule. Why? Because now you should know how your customer wants to be treated; you know their annoyances, core values, personalities and preferences.

Engaged Empathy should lead to Intimate Insight; Golden Rule to Platinum Rule; Recent Friends to Raving Fans. Earning and keeping deeply-loyal, highly-appreciative customers who know you, like you and trust you is the key to long-term, multi-generational success.

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