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Our life stories don't matter!

Before you get upset with me, read a little bit further; I promise it'll be worth it! I read a fascinating book: Writing Without Bullshit by Josh Bernoff. I suddenly realized that my emails and voicemails were sharing my life story with my customers, not what they actually needed to know!

So I revolutionized how I communicated with people through email, voicemail, and on the phone. Everyone has full schedules today. By swiftly sharing the reason for my email or call, their time is valued. This greatly increases the likelihood that they'll accept my invitation.

Think about it--if the invitation is taking too long, how much more time will the actual visit take?! Here are some great tips:

-Keep emails at 200 words max

-Text block should fit on a smartphone screen

-Offer a day and time, easy for them to accept or reschedule

-Provide clear purpose for meeting

-Include time needed, keep it under 30 minutes


-Thank them for their time

Value others' time, and they'll enjoy working with you!

#ValueTheirTime #200WordsMax #FitsOnAPhone #MakeItEasy #LessThan30Minutes #StickToTheTime #ThankThem

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