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  • John D. Hanson

Labor Day—the ironic holiday well worth celebrating!

I always thought it a little strange that we celebrate our labors in America…by not laboring. After a little research on the origins of Labor Day, however, I realized why it’s so important--compare the working person’s life in the late 1800’s to now.

With these eye-opening facts in mind, here are 7 reasons to be deeply grateful:

-working week; the average was 7 days for 12 hours!

-our children; children as young as 5 or 6 worked in dirty, dangerous jobs for pennies

-safety; most workplaces lacked fresh air, cleanliness & work breaks

-hard road; most new arrivals to America endured a miserable work life

-labor relations; violent strikes forced employers to improve working conditions

-paid time off; what the heck is that?!

-some still sacrifice; many work on Labor Day to help make the day special for us

We have so much to be grateful for! Take a moment to thank your server, the cashier, the gas station attendant, the police, the emergency workers, the doctors & nurses, and the airline employees, to name a few.

If you’re blessed to work for a great company like I am, express your gratitude to the ones who entrust their customers to you. Happy Labor Day!

#GratefulToWork #LaborDaySacrifice #ThankYourEmploye

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