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I'm a bad customer!

When I experience poor customer service, I don't complain, and I don't come back!  The customers who tell you they have an issue can be your most valuable assets.

If we provide a solution to their problem with a sincere apology, swift resolution and thorough, professional communication throughout, we may have just won a loyal customer and an eager advocate. And if you communicate with them in the near future on how you prevented the same issue from recurring, even better!

Problems are opportunities to deliver superior solutions.  Any company, even ones with poor service, can take care of smooth transactions.  Few businesses relish the opportunity to prove their value when it matters the most.

Best of all, improvement opportunities are unbiased feedback that enable you to make your experience even better for the ones who already love your product or service.

So give those complainers a hug!  Maybe that's all they needed in the first place!

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