Test Before You Invest:
If your company is on the fence about getting consulting on Customer eXperience, try me out. The four packages below will allow you to put the 7 Ways solutions to the test and help you find out if you are ready to invest. 

CX Audit: 

Includes Pre-Visit Research on your company and industry, discussion with owner/management, brief interviews with team members, and CX Report with Areas of Strength & Opportunities to Grow (Requires 2-3 hours)

90-min. Session: 

Includes Customer Discovery Session, Introduction to World-Class Customer Service Menu 

Half-day Session: 

Includes CX Audit, Customer Discovery Session, World-Class Customer Service Menu

Full-Day Session: BEST VALUE!

Includes CX Audit, Customer Discover Session, World-Class Customer Service Menu, Team Brainstorming Session, Live Whiteboard Activities, and a Sneak Peek at Winning Secrets, our exciting new course!


Contact us today to schedule a Test Before You Invest solution.  Discover all the ways we can help your business thrive.  You’ll be glad you did!

Why should you try it out?

Craig Says:

Working with John has been a delightful experience. He is truly knowledgeable in his craft, extremely professional, and provides a unique perspective on customer experience. Overall, I was very pleased with his workshop and his ability to breakdown customer experience into digestible and understandable nuggets of valuable information. 

Diane Says:

I attended a Customer Experience workshop given by John D Hanson. I thought that I understood who my customers were and how to care for them but I was mistaken. John taught me much more than I expected! He is really concerned with my needs as a business owner and he tailored his advice after hearing my pain points. I am excited that I have multiple plans to improve my CX thanks to our conversations. 

Mary Says:

Excellent is the word I would use to sum up John Hanson's workshop on the 4 types of Customers! The information shared was thought provoking and enlightening. I recommend that anyone who has direct contact with customers attend his workshop.

Customer eXperience Consultation

Most companies are so busy and familiar with running their business that they find it difficult to evaluate their processes and customer experience objectively.

A study of over 400 small- to mid-size companies found that partnering with a proven, trustworthy business consultant resulted in increased:

  • productivity

  • return on investment

  • profitability

  • growth

  • marketing results

Fresh perspective from a well-researched, unbiased business consultant can provide encouraging feedback on best practices already in place, as well as recommendations for dramatic improvement.  

By partnering with 7 Ways, your leadership is freed to run the business while investing in the team to identify, implement, evaluate and improve mutually-agreed upon priorities until the pre-determined goals have been achieved.

To help your business become an industry leader in today’s fast-paced, global marketplace, we help you differentiate your business from your competitors, equipping you to be More Like Amazon, less like Kmart.


Find out more about our consultation solutions and how we can help equip your business for success.

Why should I partner with 7 Ways?

“John’s expertise with the Customer eXperience can absolutely help you grow your business by becoming More Like Amazon and Less Like Kmart.” -Mr. Biz, aka Ken Wentworth 

#1 Best-Selling Author | Cash Flow Pro | Speaker | Growth Expert | Mr. Biz Radio Host | On-Demand CFO 

“Ideas and insights to generate ‘customers for life.’”

-Brian Tracy 

Author, Maximum Achievement

John D. Hanson

About John D. Hanson

A proven leader in customer service excellence, John D. Hanson has professionally engaged customers & team members by adding value in every career opportunity. He resides near Columbus, Ohio, happily married with children, honored to be a U.S. Armed Forces veteran.

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