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Wow Your Customers, 7 Ways to World-class Customer Service Book


Grow your business with world-class customer service.

World-class customer service is highly-valued in today’s competitive, global marketplace. Yet, it is hard to find.

Are you giving world-class customer service?

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a Fortune 500 team member, there is a need for innovative, proven ideas to revitalize your customers’ experience.  Consider the following questions:  

  • Are you working to improve your customer experience?

  • Are you satisfied with your customer and employee retention?

  • Are you adding and keeping strong performers on your team?

  • Do you want to boost your profits AND customer satisfaction?

  • Do you want to add more engaged, loyal customers?

  • Are you searching for cost-effective training with a guaranteed return?

The 7 Ways approach provides solutions that revitalize your customer experience!

"Ideas and insights to generate 'customers for life.'"

-Brian Tracy, Author, "Maximum Achievement"

Here are 7 Ways your business will benefit:​

  • Revolutionize the concept of winning

  • Unlock simple secrets to greater productivity

  • Create proactive, positive communication

  • Forge strong, long-lasting interpersonal bonds

  • Brighten others’ days as an energy giver

  • Connect with customers on a deep, personal level

  • Exceed your customers’ expectations

Here's what people are saying.

"If you looked up World-Class Customer Service on the internet, I would anticipate John D. Hanson's photo would pop up immediately!"

-Janice Litz, Senior Quality Engineer, Whirlpool

John D. Hanson

About John D. Hanson

A proven leader in customer service excellence, John D. Hanson has professionally engaged customers & team members by adding value in every career opportunity. He resides near Columbus, Ohio, happily married with children, honored to be a U.S. Armed Forces veteran.

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John D. Hanson
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